7 night’s accommodation at the villa
La Novellina

La Novellina

PLUS all of the following experiences, meals, transfers and day trips.

Experience 1 – Florence by night. We will have a driver take the group one evening to Florence. Guests will enjoy a nice can walk followed by a dinner in a very good restaurant very close to Palazzo Vecchio. After dinner they will experience the tour of the Palazzo by night. The driver will transfer them back to La Novellina.

Experience 2 – A day trip to Siena. This is a full day of 7 hours. Lunch included in a lovely trattoria. Transfer back to the villa.

Experience 3 – A hands on cooking class at the villa which very interesting. The food the guests prepare at the class become their dinner that night.

We include cook service x 3 nights. Produce is all local and seasonal. Very good

Experience 4 – A very special day trip to an artisan cheese farm for a cheese and wine tasting. This is a very authentic place and his cheese is sold in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Europe.

Based on a group of 8 people the extra cost for all of the above included services and experiences would be 110 euro per person per day.
+ The cost of the villa which also includes daily breakfast and first arrival dinner and basic food shop

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