Mantova Immersion

5 days

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You will experience 5 days in one of the luxury suites at the Palazzo Castiglioni located in the Piazza Sordello in Mantova. Mantua is located in the Northeastern part of Italy.
This tour is designed for lovers of history, culture, food and wine. With the most knowledgeable guides, you will visit the most iconic and interesting sites and Venues around Mantova, Verona and its surrounds.
You will experience culinary delights. and enjoy the lovely pace of this hidden gem. You will be immersed.
Your Accommodation
Palazzo Castiglioni is a 13th century palace in the heart of Mantova, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. The palace offers wonderful, and unique accommodation that combines ancient grandeur with modern luxury. Palazzo Castiglioni is the oldest palace in town and is located just across from the legendary Palazzo Ducale. Palazzo Castiglioni is still today the private residence of the descendants of Baldesar Castiglione, Italian writer and diplomat of the Renaissance.
ABOUT MANTOVA – Mantua is less than 30 minutes from Verona and a 1-hour drive from Padova and Modena. Besides its artistic and historical treasures, Mantua excels for its food tradition and wide range of choice in activities from boat excursions on the lakes surrounding, to the bicycle tracks which connect to Lake Garda. This is a region rich in both culture and nature with many wonderful day excursions.
Strolling in the historic center of Mantova is like an open-air museum.

Mantova Immersion

Day 1
You will be collected from a local train station or airport and driven back to the Palazzo Castiglioni to settle into your luxury suite and your exclusive accommodation. After a light aperitivo, dinner will be served at the Palazzo Castiglioni restaurant in the Piazza Sordello.

Day 2
After breakfast (which is served in a cafe in Piazza Sordello every morning) you can enjoy the morning at your pace exploring the shops and town.
In the afternoon you will meet the guide Giuliana Varini in the living room (Piano Nobile) of Palazzo Castiglioni for an introduction to the Renaissance culture in Italy. In 2020 the world celebrated the 500th anniversary
of Raphaels death with international exhibitions in cities around the globe (including Mantova), your
guide will take this opportunity to talk about the friendship and collaboration between Baldassare
Castiglione and Raphael.
Explore Palazzo Ducale, the residence of the Gonzaga family that ruled over the city for nearly 400 years. A town within the town, it is the city’s main attraction and one of the most visited museums in Italy, the tour includes the Rooms of “Raphael’s Tapestries”, as well as the magnificent, Camera degli Sposi by the painter Mantegna. A maze-like explore to tell the story of the Gonzaga family and their desire for beauty and opulence. The visit continues outside the Palace, with the charming Teatro Scientifico del Bibiena, an exquisite example of a Baroque theatre inaugurated by Mozart in
Dinner – Restaurant Il Grifone Bianco

Day 3
Morning – Drive to the village of Borghetto sul Mincio (a 45-minute drive) listed as one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. You can Wander by the river and see the water mills and gorgeous streets.
The area is known for its traditional tortellini shops. A lovely lunch at La Vecchia Bottega in Borghetto sul Mincio
Back to the palace and dinner at the Palazzo Castiglioni restaurant.

Day 4
Morning – at your leisure
Lunch – Palazzo Castiglioni Restaurant
Afternoon – You will discover “the suburban villa” Palazzo Te, Giulio Romano’s masterpiece and a
masterpiece of Renaissance architecture and painting. Built as a suburban pleasure for the duke of
Mantova, the fantastic illusions and tricks of Raphael’s favorite pupil still succeeds in creating astonishment to the viewer today. Gorgeous is the room of Cupid and Psyche with its erotic frescoes and amazing is the one of the Falling Giants. The frescoes talk about love and war: mythology that helps to understand the story of the life of duke Federico II Gonzaga, ruler of Mantua and great patron of artists.
Dinner – Palazzo Castiglioni Restaurant

Day 5
Morning – By 9am we head to Verona with a private driver for a 2-hour guided tour including the Roman amphitheater,
Arena in piazza Bra, the busy Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, and OfCourse the world famous “Casa di
Giulietta” (Juliet’s house, as in Romeo and Juliet).
Lunch – in a restaurant in Verona
3pm – Arrival back to Mantova
Dinner – Palazzo Castiglioni Restaurant

Day 6
After a breakfast, we say Arrivederci.
Transfer back to local airport or train station.
See you next time!

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